Pelotech helps world class software development teams move faster, and improve quality.

Our team uses the latest tools and technologies to harness the power of the cloud. We specialize in containerization, horizontally scalable rearchitecture, and automated orchestration. If your team is looking to modernize existing services, develop your deployment pipeline, or manage globally distributed systems we'd love to talk.

Get in touch with us to set up a consultation, or just a coffee. We'll talk shop, figure out what problems you're aiming to solve and how we can help you get to where you want to be. We're also always happy to share experience and best practices

Pelotech is headquartered in Seattle with offices in New York and serves clients worldwide.




From improving and simplifying developer onboarding to ending the dreaded "works on my box" adoption of containers across development, testing, and production allows development teams to ensure a completely consistent, repeatable, and reliable process.

We can onboard a team member in fifteen minutes on a new machine. We can replicate a client's production environment exactly in ten.

Are you ready to think inside the box?


cloud architecture

Moving the cloud is more complex than simply forklifting legacy services. Designing microservices, engineering for CAP tradeoffs, and leveraging horizontal scale across commodity cloud servers is all critical to success.

We design and build cloud applications for the fortune 500 and growing startups. Whether you need a globally-distributed-self-healing-realtime-low-latency service, or just a cleaner backend API, we can help.

Don't let your legacy limit your destiny.


CI/CD pipelines

Accelerated development doesn't have to mean comprised quality. Adopting robust automation and measurement across development, testing, and production means an end to the iron triangle of software development. You truly can have it faster, better, and cheaper.

We've helped teams all over the world adopt best practices in automation, measurement, and CI/CD to accelerate their process.

The iron age is over.