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Headquartered in Seattle with offices in New York and involved in Portland, Pelo.Tech represents clients looking to move forward faster, with higher quality, and with extensive focus using the bleeding edge of technology. Our team specializes in intimately knowing the latest tools to harness the power of cloud, containers, software development, practices and patterns, and a host of other capabilities to help companies leap ahead of the present.

Our teams have been practicing for well over a decade. Since the inception of the world wide web and internet, our team members have been deploying high quality, production ready services, applications, and systems.

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Areas of Practice


Is the product road map a bit to busy to be realistic? We excel at helping you find competitive solutions with the latest technologies that provide top tier realistic and simple innovation.


Looking for a creative solutions? We have experience bringing out the inventive potential of individuals and helping them to bring forward the creative solutions the company needs.



Do the goals seem just out of reach? We help to align the aspirations of teams into everyday practices to get those goals accomplished.


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