Pelo Tech Share-Outs

Here at Peloton Tech.IO we meet weekly to discuss tech, coding practices, tips, tricks, and all sorts of things. Generally it’s an open session of conversations, good friends, and maybe a round of drinks. We’ve decided it is indeed great to have this level of comraderie among ourselves, but we’d really like to share what we know with the community.

We made the original weekly meetups open to the pubic, and that worked fairly well, however the weekly pace gets to be hectic. After having the weekly meets among the team for a while we decided to move toward a monthly meetup. Besides this change, we’ve also opened up a meetup “Peloton Tech.IO Share-Out”. Please join us on meetup and take a look around.

Welcome to the Peloton Blog!

Hello current & future readers,

Today we’ve published our newest site and have created, specifically, a new blog that we will be using as a central place of communication for our company. At Peloton we live lives that allow us to create and learn a lot of things we’d love to share. Each of our team are active in the community sharing these things we learn and , and we’ve concluded we needed this central medium to communicate who, what, where, when, and why we’re sharing these things!

Who are we?

We’re a group of individuals who have honed our skills to come in, provide top tier support in process, practices, software development, and related leadership expertise. We pride ourselves in our acumen around a wide array of development, operations, and related technical skills. However, what we bring to the table is our ability to bring those technical skills to use in bridging culture and organizational gaps within a company. We help to build communication channels where they did not exist before, to create solutions that teams can take and move into the future with more efficiently, effectively, and with higher quality. Between these advances we do all of this while encouraging and helping to perpetuate an effective work life balance for the individuals we work with.

What you’ll see here…

We’ve got a number of things on the horizon. Some of the things we’ll be writing about here are upcoming topics our peloton will be speaking on at various user groups around Seattle, or elsewhere. We’ll also be diving into technical content around Go,, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, and a whole host of other modern technologies. To kick off this first article, here’s a list of some of the notable upcoming meetups some of the peloton will be attending;

Why Peloton?

What a peloton is, fits our team well. Not that we’re all cyclists - some of us are - but we work together to achieve in a similar way as that of a peloton.

At the beginning of every race professional cyclists create a tight group formation – the Peloton.

The aerodynamics of the Peloton allows riders to go further and faster than any individual performance could ever achieve.

Membership in the Peloton is voluntary, ownership is shared, the purpose is clear, and safety for all is essential.

Throughout the history of cycling the goals of teams, the return to their sponsors, and the aspirations of the worlds greatest riders have been accelerated by riding in the Peloton.

We draw the inspiration for our name, our behaviors, and our value to customers from this definitive model of efficiency, trust and mutually beneficial collaboration.

With that, welcome!