Deconstruct Conf 2017 Seattle

Today wrapped up the inaugural Deconstruct Conference. This was an event here in Seattle, located in the Capital Hill at SIFF Cinema Egyptian and organized by Gary Bernhardt (@garybernhardt) and Brent Sullivan.

Deconstruct is a conference that is very grassroots and independent. It was not sponsored and unaffiliated with any other organization, which is always nice to attend a conference that is purely focused on attendees on topics. The topics focused around how to solve, learn, and be better (or in the case of Jenn’s talk, how to be a “web developer” of mass intern fame) developers.

Gary organized the speaker lineup purely from focusing on speakers he knew were great speakers, with solid grasp of the topics they’d want to present. The speakers he selected were all exceptional, with honed skills around actually telling stories that weren’t just effective but also relatable. The humor of the speakers was spectacular. If you know Aaron and Jenn, their take on the universe is especially extensive, and their humor they bring to technology is extensive too!

One of the things I enjoyed specifically was the technology neutral angel of the talks and the conference itself. This was not a Ruby, JavaScript, or Functional Programming conference. Nor about any specific element of technology. It was focused around the organization, thinking, math, and abstract topics of getting software built.

The turn out at the conference was great. It, as one would expect of a good conference, brought out lots of smart people. Along with that it was more than easy to dive into topics deep, strike up conversations about anything in the field, and know there were experts and interested people nearby. The after party continued this onward into the evening on Thursday.

I enjoyed myself and have found I’m already looking forward to Gary’s prospective effort at a round 2 of Deconstruct Conf.