Pelo Tech Share-Outs

Here at Peloton Tech.IO we meet weekly to discuss tech, coding practices, tips, tricks, and all sorts of things. Generally it’s an open session of conversations, good friends, and maybe a round of drinks. We’ve decided it is indeed great to have this level of comraderie among ourselves, but we’d really like to share what we know with the community.

We made the original weekly meetups open to the pubic, and that worked fairly well, however the weekly pace gets to be hectic. After having the weekly meets among the team for a while we decided to move toward a monthly meetup. Besides this change, we’ve also opened up a meetup “Peloton Tech.IO Share-Out”. Please join us on meetup and take a look around.

Pelo.Tech Meetup Site

Pelo.Tech Meetup Site

With this increased visibility we’ll be reaching out and inviting others to share-out, and hope to be able to give back to the community what we’ve learned in the daily implementation, coding, and building of solutions. Even though we’ve organized this as a way to meet with and give back to the community as a whole, we’d also love to invite others to speak if you’re interested. Feel free to reach out and we’ll discuss getting you on the schedule too!

Our inaugural meet will be presented by Adron Hall (@Adron) and will cover Terraform, Packer, Atlas, and related Hashicorp tools and services. The topics will be presented with examples from some of the large corporate retailers and their respective use cases. The tooling will be complemented with a dive into workflow, the ideas behind configuration based infrastructure workflow, and prospective future workflow styles for config based infrastructure. With a summary on the respective needs of dynamic, hybrid mixes between providers like AWS, GCP, or Azure.

We hope to see you there!