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It's time to get serious about IT

Your customers’ data is the life blood of your business. Your ecommerce site is your top performing retail channel. It’s time to stop running IT like a cost center. An effective technology organization can grow your revenue, improve customer retention, and open new markets.

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Strategic Technologists

What makes us different

We're a small team of experienced engineers who have worked in the trenches. We've been there. We've seen this. We've worked with startups and enterprises alike to build highly available, fault tolerant, secure and performant systems. We've worked with some of the top names in the industry and have learned from their successes and failures.

We've built a team focused on taking our collective experience and distilling it into best practices that will help your business succeed. Our focus is on the technology — not the technology industry.

We're not just here to sell you a product or a service. We're here to solve problems.

We are a technology company. Our technologists have deep, practical experience in leading-edge technologies and best practices. We’re not IT managers who sell technology.

We’re a partner. Partners don’t just sell stuff, they help you evaluate, analyze, and select the best products and services for your business. They work side by side with you to help you get the most out of them.

We’re a solution provider. We take a holistic approach to solving your problems. We’re not just a vendor. We’re a colleague who works with you to solve business problems.

We’re technology agnostic. We’re not tied to any single technology or platform. We can help you solve your problem no matter where it lies.

We’re a systems integrator. We don’t just provide a collection of individual technologies. We work with you to integrate them into a single holistic solution.

We’re a cost effective technology provider. We’re not a commodity. We’re a strategic technology partner that can help you grow your business.

Or reach out to us via email at workwithus@pelo.tech

We help create high functioning technology teams

that generate industry leading results

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How can we help?

We've worked with a broad range of strategic initiatives across our clients. Here are some examples of how we might be able to help you.

Align on Businesses Goals

Technology leadership is more effective when it is aligned with the business leadership. Are you prepared to create a shared vision for your company’s technology strategy with the business executives?


Your company needs to make better decisions. How do you use data to drive better business decisions? How do you use data to drive better customer experiences?


How do you visualize the big picture? How do you communicate the big picture to your company? Are you presenting information in a way that is easy for your business leaders to understand?

Lean Startup

Your company needs to make fast decisions. How do you validate business ideas with your customers? How do you implement small changes quickly?

Build a DevOps Culture

Your company is moving towards continuous delivery of new features. You are using tooling to automate testing and deployments. How are you enabling your team to collaborate with other departments?

Talent Management

Your company needs to develop and retain high performing employees. How do you create an effective career development program? How do you attract and retain top talent?


Your new employees need to be productive quickly. How do you get new hires from day one? How do you provide a structured learning plan for your new hires?

Agile Planning

Your company is moving to an agile development methodology. How do you set the right technical and business goals for each sprint? How do you prioritize the backlog?

Build a Great Team

Your team is your most important asset. How do you hire, develop, and retain your team? How do you align your team with the company’s strategy?


Your company is growing quickly. You need to hire the right people. How do you find the right candidates? How do you prepare for technical interviews? How do you interview candidates who are not familiar with your technology stack?


You need to lead your team to success. How do you manage your team to accomplish great things? How do you set the right example?

Data Driven Deployments

Too often your development teams and operations staff spend days looking at tickets to determine the root cause of a production outage. By the end of the investigation they are left with more questions. How can you deliver fast, reliable, and high quality releases?

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