Pelotech helps the retail ecosystem build technology they can trust.

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Pelotech is headquartered in Seattle with offices in New York and serves clients worldwide.

What we do

We help the retail ecosystem leverage technology to better solve challenges related to supply chain. Our primary focus is on inventory tracking and management, integrations of disparate systems; drop ship, warehouse, and store management systems.

We help customers achieve near real time inventory enabling agility in inventory management and order fulfillment, inventory integrity and forecasting.

How we do it

We specialize in empowering teams to deliver business value in hours, not months. Our team uses the latest tools and technologies to learn early, measure success, deliver reliably, and reduce complexity. Your organization will learn these practices as we embed and lead development teams, deliver business value, and ensure they are empowered to continue accelerating on their own.

We practice using forward-thinking tools and processes that make software delivery predictable, fast-paced, and high-value.


Accelerated development doesn't have to mean comprised quality. Adopting robust automation and measurement across development, testing, and production means an end to the iron triangle of software development. You truly can have it faster, better, and cheaper.

We've helped teams all over the world adopt best practices in automation, measurement, and CI/CD to accelerate their process.

The iron age is over.



Lofty goals don't mandate colossal software. Our approach is to do more with less, and reduce the software burden preventing the realization of business objectives. 

Your team members will learn to write lean and mean software for the long-haul goals, breaking complex problems into smaller pieces and deliver value quickly. 

"Make each program do one thing well."

-- Mike Gancarz (Unix Philosophy 1994). 


Functional ProgramMING

Our craft is science, not magic. Functional programming is the logical answer to the maintenance problems caused by mutable and chaotic systems of yesteryear. 

We help teams see the light as they learn to write software you can reason about, using languages and tools that embrace functional programming - Clojure, Node.js, Java 8, and Reactive extensions (Rx). We write code for humans, not computers.

To fix it you must understand it.


Let's end the dreaded words: "it works on my box". Adopting docker containers across development, testing, and production environments allows development teams to ensure a completely consistent, repeatable, and reliable process.

We can onboard a team member in fifteen minutes on a new machine. We can replicate a client's production environment in exactly ten. Rollback to earlier versions with a single keystroke.

Are you ready to think inside the box?


Cloud Architecture

Moving to the cloud is more complex than simply forklifting legacy services. Designing microservices, engineering for CAP tradeoffs, and leveraging horizontal scale across commodity cloud servers is all critical to success.

We design and build cloud applications for the fortune 500 and growing startups. Whether you need a globally-distributed-self-healing-realtime-low-latency service, or just want a cleaner backend API, we can help.

Don't let your legacy limit your destiny.


Team Growth

We live for the "A-ha!" moments triggered by the fast-paced, collaborative, and opportunity-driven culture we bring with us. Teams will continuously accelerate, and we'll help to bring more into the fold.

Whether you're wanting to build your existing team's capabilities, build a culture that attracts top talent, or interview and screen potential employees, we've got your back.

Let's make greater things together.


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